National Bravery Awards 2013

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Jeevan Raksha Padak Awardees 2012

Sarvottam Jeevan Raksha Padak (3)

  1. Ms. Vineetha P.K. (Posthumous), Kerala
  2. Ms. Remya Rajappan (Posthumous), Kerala
  3. Smt. Sangeeta Agarwal (Posthumous), Uttarakhand

Uttam Jeevan Raksha Padak (10)

1. Shri Rahul Kevat, Madhya Pradesh
2. Shri Shivam Rajendra Pandey (Posthumous), Maharashtra
3. Shri C. Thanthuama (Posthumous), Mizoram
4. Shri Liankanglova, Mizoram
5. Shri Ramesh Kompalli Babu, Andhra Pradesh
6. Ms. Lovely Verma (Posthumous), Uttar Pradesh
7. Shri Kshetrimaym Rakesh Singh, Manipur
8. Shri Mohammed Nishadh V.P., Kerala
9. Ms. Prasannta Shandilya (Khushi), Jharkhand
10. Ms. Mittal Mahendrabhai Patadiya, Gujarat

Jeevan Raksha Padak (37)

1. Shri Sureshkumar C.S. (Posthumous), Kerala
2. Shri Jishnu. V. Nair, Kerala
3. Shri Pradeep Rai, Madhya Pradesh
4. Shri Pradeep Shingare, Madhya Pradesh
5. Shri Shahid Ismail Inamdar, Maharashtra
6. Shri Ananda Ishwar Mane, Maharashtra
7. Shri Shrikant Shamrao Mane, Maharashtra
8. Shri Nitin Vilas Kore, Maharashtra
9. Shri Lalramchhana, Mizoram
10. Shri Lalchhuanliana, Mizoram
11. Ms. Lalrinzuali, Mizoram
12. Shri K.T. Chungnunga, Mizoram
13. Shri Nisar Khan, Rajasthan
14. Shri Aji Cherippanattu Kochu, Kerala
15. Shri Kartik Uppal, Delhi
16. Shri Sham Raj Kishor, Punjab
17. Dr. Narendra Singh, Jammu & Kashmir
18. Shri Takhelchangbam Devajit Sharma, Manipur
19. Ms. Saudhita Barman (Posthumous), West Bengal
20. Shri G. Parameswaran, Tamil Nadu
21. Shri S.S. Madhu, Karnataka
22. Shri Johnson Tourangbam, Manipur
23. Shri Yandam Amara Uday Kiran, Andhra Pradesh
24. Shri Phurailatpam Borish Sharma alias Bode, Manipur
25. Shri Durgesh Singh, Chhattisgarh
26. Shri Devashish Pandey, Chhattisgarh
27. Shri Shubham Kumar Tiwari, Chhattisgarh
28. Shri Raju Dhruv, Chhattisgarh
29. Shri Vipin Patel, Chhattisgarh
30. Shri Anshif C.K., Kerala
31. Shri Suthrapu Shiva Prasad, Andhra Pradesh
32. Shri Adithya Gopal (Posthumous), Arunachal Pradesh
33. Shri Ranjan Pradhan, Chhattisgarh
34. Shri Paramjeet, Haryana
35. Shri Sahsad. K., Kerala
36. Shri Dungar Singh, Rajasthan
37. Ms. Anjali Singh Gautam, Chhattisgarh
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Current Affairs Quiz August 2012

Current affairs 2012 for All Competitive exams | Current Affairs July 2012 quiz | gk questions | current affairs for civil services|General knowledge| IBPS | SBI | Bank po|RRB|SSC|State PSC|MBA Entrence|Railway exams. So enjoy reading… :)

1. Who is appointed as Chief economic advisor in the finance ministry department of India?

Raghuram Rajan

2. Who replaces Keshub Mahindra as Chairman of Mahindra and Mahindra?
Anand Mahindra

3. Which Indian state will set up Common Bio-Medical Waste Treatment Disposal Facility to manage and handle bio medical waste of government and private hospitals in all of its districts?

4. Who will be appointed as chairman of Barclays from 1st November 2012 succeeding Marcus Aguis?
David Walker

5. Name the provision introduced by government through Banking Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2011 to take over unclaimed amount of inoperative fixed deposit accounts of over 10 years ?
Depositor Education and Awareness Fund

6. What is the current rank of Saina Nehwal globally after winning bronze medal at Olympics 2012?
4th rank

7. Name the public sector undertaking oil company which posted a quarterly loss of Rs.22,451 crore for April-June 2012 quarter.
Indian Oil Corporation (IOC)

8. Where was the 15th Confederation of Indian industry insurance summit held?

9. Name the former Maharashtra Health Minister who died recently.
Digvijay Khanvilkar

10. How is Dubbed Gauss known in technology world?
A virus capable of spying on financial transactions, email and social networking

11. Who is appointed as Prime Minister of Syria?
Wael al-Halki

12. Name the institute which will be setup to manage land records in India ?
National Institute of Land Management

13. Where was the 4th North East Cultural Festival held in India?
Naharlagun near Itanagar

14. Where was the World Tribal Day observed in India?
Ranchi, Jharkhand

15. Name the Gujarati Sahitya Akademi award winner of 2005 who died recently.

Suresh Dalal

16. Which weather pattern can cause widespread drought in Australia, parts of Africa, Southeast Asia and India?
El Nino

17. Who is appointed as Chief Finance Officer of Cairn India?
Sudhir Mathur

18. Expand ETA. (Hint: Transactions)
Electronic Transactions Association

19. Which Indian state could lead to zero-population growth rate in 25 to 30 years according to its State Urbanisation Report?

20. Who is elected as interim president of Libya?
Mohammed el-Megarif

21. Which drink in India is suggested by Parliament panel to be declared as National drink?

22. Name the Indian bronze medalist who won the 60kg wrestling competition at the London
Olympics 2012?
Yogeshwar Dutt

23. What is the newly set radius of distance from the existing ones between mobile towers as
per DoT norms?

24. Name the team who won their 2nd consecutive Olympic hockey gold?

25. Name the Libyan army general who was shot dead recently.
Mohammed Hadiya Al-Feitouri

26. What is the total amount finalised for Delhi's Annual Plan 2012-13?
Rs.15,862 crores

27. Who won silver medal for India in the final of the Men's 66kg Freestyle wrestling at the Olympics 2012?

Sushil Kumar

28. Name the German bank which is in its final stage to launch trading hub in Tokyo.

29. Who is appointed as Prime Minister David Cameron's Olympic legacy ambassador?
Seb Coe

30. How many stocks in BSE will be shifted to (trade-to-trade)T segment with effect from August 21st 2012?

31. Which Indian state has been selected as a pilot state for launching e-Biz (Government to Business) project?

32. SEBI recently allowed which instrument as valid address proof investors?
Aadhaar card

33. Expand NGN. (Hint: Network)
Next Generation Network

34. Name the Ex-Maharashtra Chief minister who died recently.
Vilasrao Deshmukh

35. Who is appointed as Managing Director of Tata Motors?
Karl Slym (To lead operations from 1st October 2012)

36. Who is appointed as Prime Minister of Mongolia?
Norov Althanhuyag

37. Who displayed Indian tri-color flag on the occasion of Independence Day and wished the country on board from International Space Station?
Sunita Williams

38. Who became India's 3rd Prime Minister to hoist National flag at Red Fort for the 9th time?
Dr. Manmohan Singh

39. Which stock exchange opened its day with the colours of the Indian flag as Consul General Prabhu Dayal rang the opening bell celebrating India's 66th Independence Day?

40. Who is named as president and CEO of New York Times?
Mark Thompson (Ex-Director General BBC)

41. Expand CCP. (Hint: collection)
Cheque Collection Policies

42. Expand IFFCO. (Hint: farmers)
Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited

43. Expand MMR. (Hint: Mortality)
Maternal Mortality Rate

44. Which country will host 2016 Olympic Games?
Rio de Janerio, Brazil

45. Name the director of the movie 'Bandit Queen' who passed away.

Ashok Mehta

46. What is Geophagy?
Geophagy is a practice of eating earthy or soil like substances such as clay and

47. What is a water clock?
Clocks which don’t rely upon sunlight to show time, they operate by dripping water
from containers at measured intervals.

48. What is an atomic clock?
An atomic clock uses measurements of energy released from atoms to precisely
measure time.

49. Which Indian state received Rs.1355 crore from NABARD for construction of roads in rural areas recently?

50. Which scheme is Government of India planning to launch by August 15th 2012 aiming to boost retail investments in the capital market?
Rajiv Gandhi equity scheme

51. TCS recently topped which company to become India's most valued company with its market capitalisation of over Rs.2.38 lakh crore?

52. Which sporting event's opening ceremony was held in London recently?
30th Olympics (Summer Olympics 2012)

53. Recently World Bank granted what worth of loan to Himachal Pradesh for green development?
$200 million (Rs.1,000 crore)

54. Which 3 Indian states could be in trouble as the water level at Bhakra reservoir drops and also impact next Rabi crop, wheat?
Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan

55. Who is set to head as 14th Finance Commission personnel in India?
Yaga Venugopal Reddy

56. Name the deadly virus which has killed 13 people in Uganda recently.

57. Which airways will fly daily flight from Mumbai to Johannesburg route from October 2012?
South African Airways

58. Which airport is planned in Meham of Haryana state?
Cargo airport

59. Which finance company is hit by RBI's gold loan cap?
Muthoot Finance

60. Expand LTV. (Hint: loan)

61. Which country won rights to mine under Indian Ocean recently?
South Korea

62. Who is elected as the President for Andhra Pradesh Film Chamber of Commerce for the year 2012-13?
Tammareddy Bharadwaja

63. Which Indian state bagged best heritage tourism award at the 3-day India Tourism Mart held at Bangalore recently?

64. Who won the first medal (Bronze) for India at the London Olympics 2012?

Gagan Narang

65. Which country will host the 10th International Junior Science Olympiads?
Mumbai, India

66. Which Indian state will provide Rs.140 crore package to tackle drought situation?

67. Name the Padma Bhushan, Kalidas Puraskar and Kalaimamani award recipient, Kuchipudi dancer who passed away recently?
Vempati Chinna Satyam

68. Who is appointed as India Chief Executive by Deutsche bank?
Ravneet Gill

69. Expand ESI. (Hint: Sentiment)
Economic Sentiment Indicator

70. What is the extended date for e-filling of tax returns in India?
August 31st 2012

71. Which company will sponsor all Indian medal winners of 2012 London Olympics for the 2016 Rio De Janerio Olympics?
Steel Authority of India


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  3. General Knowledge
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  7. Study Material For All Exams
  8. All Previous Year Question Paper
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