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257 Modern Control Engineering
256 Siemens ebooks (Electricity, Power Distribution, Motor Control)
255 Handbook of Electronics
254 Engineering Mathematics Fourth Edition
253 The Power Electronics Handbook
252 Fundamentals of Power Electronics
251 Process/Industrial Instruments and Controls Handbook, 5th Edition
250 USB Design by Example: A Practical Guide to Building I/O Devices
249 Wind Energy Explained: Theory, Design and Application
248 Programming Microcontrollers in C
247 Machinery’s Handbook, 27th Edition
246 Fundamentals of Industrial Instrumentation and Process Control
245 Electrical Engineer’s Reference Book
244 Diesel Engine Reference Book (2nd Edition)
243 Electronic Circuits For The Evil Genius 57 Lessons With Projects
242 Instrumentation Reference Book, Third Edition
241 Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics 4th ed.
240 Fundamentals of Engineering Electromagnetics
239 Essential MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists, Third Edition
238 Lessons In Electric Circuits
237 Handbook of Electrical Design Details
236 A Beginners Guide to Robotics Projects Using the PIC Micro
235 Gas Turbine Engineering Handbook Second Edition
234 Electronics for Dummies
233 Engineering Manual of Automatic Control (for Commercial Buildings, Heating, Ventilation, Air Cond.)
232 LabVIEW for Everyone: Graphical Programming Made Easy and Fun 3rd Edition
231 Complete Digital Design : A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Electronics and Computer System Architect
230 Analog and Digital Circuits for Electronic Control System
229 Programmable Logic Controllers Programming Methods and Applications
228 The Mechatronics Handbook
227 Electronics Projects For Dummies
226 Schaums Outline of Theory and Problems of Electric Circuits 4th edition
225 Circuit Design with VHDL
224 Robot Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices Illustrated
223 Electrical Machines and Drives 3rd ed.
222 Op Amps for Everyone
221 The RF and Microwave Handbook
220 Guide To Electrical Power Distribution Systems 6th ed.
219 Principles of Electrical Measurement
218 Engineering Electromagnetics 6th edition
217 Circuit Analysis II with MATLAB Applications
216 Industrial Boilers and Heat Recovery Steam Generators Design Applications and Calculations
215 Schaum’s Outline of Basic Electricity
214 Mechanical Engineers’ Handbook, 3rd Edition – Volume 1: Materials and Mechanical Design
213 Computational Engineering – Introduction to Numerical Methods
212 Advanced Control Engineering
211 Dictionary of Engineering 2nd ed.
210 PCI Express System Architecture
209 Programming and Customizing the PIC Microcontroller
208 Finite Element Method: Volume 1, The Basis, 5th edition
207 101 Spy Gadgets for the Evil Genius
206 Hardware and Computer Organization
205 Schaum’s Outline of Electronic Devices and Circuits, 2nd edition
204 Fundamentals of Digital Logic and Microcomputer Design, 5th Edition
203 Schaum’s Outline of Basic Circuit Analysis
202 Designing Embedded Hardware
201 Sensor Technology Handbook
200 Electromagnetic Field Theory
199 The Requirements Engineering Handbook
198 Standard Handbook for Civil Engineers
197 Superconductivity
196 Structural Analysis with Finite Elements 2nd ed.
195 VHDL CookBook
194 Programming Pic Microcontroller with PicBasic Compiler
193 Reversing: Secrets of Reverse Engineering
192 Automated Manufacturing Systems: PLCs
191 Printed Circuit Board Designer’s Reference
190 Practical Electronics Handbook, Sixth Edition
189 Principles and Practice of Automatic Process Control
188 Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering: A Comprehensive Guide
187 Valve Selection Handbook, Fifth Edition: Engineering Fundamentals for Selecting the Right Valve
186 Engineering Measurements – Methods and Intrinsic Errors
185 The Circuit Designer’s Companion, Second Edition
184 Engineering Problem Solving – A Classical Perspective
183 Mechanical Engineers’ Handbook, 3rd Edition – Volume 4: Energy and Power
182 The Illustrated Dictionary of Electronics
181 Numerical Library in Java for Scientists and Engineers
180 Process Control: A First Course with MATLAB
179 Real-Time Concepts for Embedded Systems
178 Teach Yourself Algebra for Electronic Circuits
177 Electrical Engineering Dictionary
176 Understanding Automotive Electronics
175 Smart Card Handbook 3rd ed.
174 Practical Analog And Digital Filter Design
173 Introduction to Optimization
172 Analog and Digital Filter Design
171 Handbook of Formulas and Tables for Signal Processing
170 Electric Vehicle Technology Explained
169 Microcontroller Programming: The Microchip PIC
168 Microwave Circuit Modeling Using Electromagnetic Field Simulation
167 Real-Time Systems Design and Analysis
166 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Third Edition
165 Open-Source Robotics and Process Control Cookbook
164 Interfacing PIC Microcontrollers: Embedded Design by Interactive Simulation
163 Heat Transfer in Industrial Combustion
162 The Mechanical Systems Design Handbook Modeling Measurement and Control
161 Electric Power Systems 4th Edition
160 Microengineering, MEMS, and Interfacing
159 Digital Circuit Analysis and Design with Simulink Modeling and Introduction to CPLDs and FPGAs
158 Engineering Analysis with ANSYS Software
157 Starting Electronics
156 The Handbook of Advanced Materials : Enabling New Designs
155 Electrician’s Exam Study Guide
154 Handbook of Petroleum Product Analysis
153 Solar House: A Guide for the Solar Designer
152 Mechanical Engineers’ Handbook, 3rd Edition – Volume 2: Instrumentation, Systems, Controls, and MEMS
151 Handbook of Mass Measurement
150 Radar Signals
149 Handbook of Sensor Networks
148 Speech & Audio Processing and Recognition
147 Formulas and Calculations for Drilling, Production and Workover
146 Anatomy of a Robot
145 Handbook of Lasers
144 Audio Power Amplifier Handbook
143 Modeling Complex Systems
142 RTL Hardware Design Using VHDL: Coding for Efficiency, Portability, and Scalability
141 Higher-Level Hardware Synthesis
140 PLL manual
139 Ultra Low-Power Electronics and Design
138 Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility in Microwave and Optical Engineering
137 Numerical Techniques in Electromagnetics 2nd ed.
136 Military Avionics Systems
135 Handbook of Thermal Analysis of Construction Materials
134 Protective Relaying: Principles and Applications, Third Edition
133 Micro Instrumentation: for High Throughput Experimentation and Process Intensification
132 PIC Microcontrollers Know It All Series
131 Verilog Coding for Logic Synthesis
130 Multiprocessor Systems-on-Chips
129 Microprocessor Design (Professional Engineering)
128 Modeling and Simulation for RF System Design
127 Verilog Golden Reference Guide
126 Fundamentals of Robotic Mechanical Systems : Theory, Methods, and Algorithms 2nd ed.
125 Code Check Electrical: An Illustrated Guide to Wiring a Safe House, 4th Edition
124 Programmable Controllers: An Engineer’s Guide, Third Edition
123 Learn to create Wireless Network by Videos
122 Simulation of Communication Systems : Modeling, Methodology and Techniques 2nd ed.
121 Embedded Systems Architecture: A Comprehensive Guide for Engineers and Programmers
120 Nano- and Micro-Electromechanical Systems: Fundamentals of Nano- and Microengineering 2nd ed.
119 CMOS PLL Synthesizers: Analysis and Design
118 2-D and 3-D Image Registration: For Medical, Remote Sensing, and Industrial Applications
117 Electronics Demystified
116 CCTV Surveillance, Second Edition: Video Practices and Technology
115 Computer Architecture, Fourth Edition: A Quantitative Approach
114 Synthesis of Arithmetic Circuits FPGA ASIC and Embedded Systems
113 Broadband Bible
112 Applied Structural Mechanics: Fundamentals of Elasticity, Load-Bearing Structures
111 Electrical Safety Handbook
110 Introduction to Engineering Statistics and Six Sigma: Statistical Quality Control and Design
109 Operations Research Calculations Handbook
108 Radar Technology Encyclopedia
107 Genetic Algorithms and Fuzzy Multiobjective Optimization
106 Digital Signal Processing
105 Advanced Signal Processing Handbook Theory and Implementation for Radar Sonar and Medical Imaging
104 Mechanical Engineers’ Handbook, 3rd Edition – Volume 3: Manufacturing and Management
103 Finite Element Methods: Parallel-Sparse Statics and Eigen-Solutions
102 Electricity Demystified
101 Thermal Design Of Electronic Equipment
100 HF Filter Design and Computer Simulation
99 Classical Electrodynamics
98 Dielectrics in Electric Fields
97 Mechanics of Microelectromechanical Systems
96 Steelwork Corrosion Control
95 Electronic Navigation Systems, Third Edition
94 Electronic Prototype Construction Techniques
93 Modern Wiring Practice, Twelfth Edition: Design and Installation
92 Environmental Engineering Dictionary and Directory
91 Hardware Design Verification: Simulation and Formal Method-Based Approaches
90 The W1GHZ Online Microwave Antenna Book
89 Soil Engineering Testing Design and Remediation
88 Optimization Methods in Electromagnetic Radiation
87 CDMA Capacity
86 Tyre and Vehicle Dynamics
85 Introduction to Statistical Signal Processing
84 Industrial Gas Handbook: Gas Separation and Purification
83 Mechanical Alloying for Fabrication of Advanced Engineering Materials
82 Optimal Control with Engineering Applications
81 Discrete-Signal Analysis and Design
80 Advanced FPGA Design: Architecture, Implementation, and Optimization
79 USB Complete: Third Edition
78 The Handbook Of Multisensory Processes
77 Analog and Mixed-Signal Modeling using VHDL-AMS
76 Phased Array Antennas
75 Corrosion Inspection and Monitoring
74 PC Based Instrumentation and Control
73 Noise Reduction in Speech Applications
72 Spheroidal Wave Functions in Electromagnetic Theory
71 The Humane Interface: New Directions for Designing Interactive Systems
70 Singular Perturbation Theory Mathematical and Analytical Techniques with Applications to Engineering
69 Introduction to Aircraft Performance, Selection and Design
68 Recurrent Neural Networks Design and Applications
67 RFID+ Exam Cram
66 Applied Materials Science Applications of Engineering Materials in Structural Electronics Thermal
65 Integration of Alternative Sources of Energy
64 Practical Programming in TLC and TK 4th ed.
63 Microcontroller Based Applied Digital Control
62 Loss Prevention in the Process Industries (2nd Edition)
61 Intel Packaging Databook
60 System Level Design of Reconfigurable Systems-on-Chip
59 FE Supplied-Reference Handbook
58 Handbook of Hydrothermal Technology Technology for Crystal Growth and Materials Processing
57 Grid Computing for Electromagnetics
56 Lumped Elements for RF and Microwave Circuits
55 RFID A Guide To Radio Frequency Identification
54 Fundamentals of Metallurgy
53 Topological Solitons
52 Television Technology Demystified: A Non-technical Guide
51 Broadband Microwave Amplifiers
50 Nonlinear Microwave and RF Circuits, 2nd Edition
49 Security Patterns: Integrating Security and Systems Engineering
48 Generalized Point Models in Structural Mechanics
47 Engineered Interfaces in Fiber Reinforced
46 Critical Technology Accessibility
45 Uncertainty Forecasting in Engineering
44 Design Recipes for FPGAs
43 Room-Temperature Superconductivity
42 Design of Linear RF Outphasing Power Amplifiers
41 High-temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: Fundamentals, Design and Applications
40 Jim Blinn’s Corner Notation, Notation, Notation
39 Cognitive Radio Architecture: The Engineering Foundations of Radio XML
38 The Story of Semiconductors
37 Distortion in Rf Power Amplifiers
36 Amplification of Nonlinear Strain Waves in Solids
35 Apple I Replica Creation
34 IPA – Concepts and Applications in Engineering
33 RFID in the Supply Chain: A Guide to Selection and Implementation
32 RFID Handbook: Applications, Technology, Security, and Privacy
31 Handbook of Photovoltaic Science and Engineering
30 Information and Management Systems for Product Customization
29 Smart Cards, Tokens, Security and Applications
28 Reverse Engineering with IDA Pro
27 Make and Test Projects in Engineering Design
26 HyperTransport System Architecture
25 System-on-Chip Test Architectures
24 CompTIA RFID+ Study Guide: Exam RF0-101
23 The Radio Station, Seventh Edition: Broadcast, Satellite & Internet
22 High Definition Postproduction: Editing and Delivering HD Video
21 Fuel Cell Electronics Packaging
20 The Cambridge Aerospace Dictionary
19 Environment Learning for Indoor Mobile Robots: A Stochastic State Estimation Approach
18 Cell Technology for Cell Products (ESACT Proceedings)
17 Mike Meyers’ A+ Certification Passport, Third Edition
16 EDA for IC Implementation, Circuit Design, and ProcessTechnology
15 High-Security Mechanical Locks: An Encyclopedic Reference
14 The Definitive Guide to the ARM Cortex-M3
13 RFID in Manufacturing
12 Dictionary of Aviation
11 Simple Models of Magnetism
10 Jet Engines-Fundamentals of Theory, Design and Operation
9 Using the Building Regulations: Part C: Site Preparation & resistance to contaminants & moisture
8 Concrete Pavement Design Guidance Notes
7 Textiles in Automotive Engineering
6 Effective Functional Verification: Principles and Processes
5 Renewable Energy Conversion, Transmission, and Storage
4 Industrial Automation Pocket Guide
3 Solar Power Your Home For Dummies
2 Itanium Architecture for Software Developers
1 Lead-Free Electronics: iNEMI Projects Lead to Successful Manufacturing
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